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Community Based Marketing (CBM) – The new play in B2B marketing | B2B Marketing

Why community is the big new opportunity in B2B marketing

With almost every B2B marketer following the same playbook, it’s time to develop a new play.

Community Based Marketing (CBM) can be that play.

In 2020, against the backdrop of remote working, rapid digital transformation, oversaturated B2B digital marketing channels and a rise in experts looking to monetise their professional knowledge, ‘Community’ is back in fashion.

Download this report to learn:

  • What defines Community Based Marketing (CBM).
  • Where CBM sits in the marketing funnel.
  • How to make the business case for CBM.
  • What are the success factors for CBM?
  • Real-life case studies of successful CBM in B2B marketing.

I firmly believe that Community Based Marketing is the only future growth channel for B2B companies in the next few years. Traditional marketing has grown stale and buyers are simply tuning out.

Mark Birch, Author of “Community-In-a-Box

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