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Creating more effective global campaigns with Sam Crocker

Kavita Singh spoke with Sam Crocker, managing partner at Bray Leino, to discuss what makes an effective global campaign in B2B marketing. To find out more, check out Sam’s session at Ignite London, where he’ll be sharing even more insights with Tony Riley, president of The Mx Group.

1) What is your session about?

Our session focuses on effective global marketing and the belief that, as an industry, we can be better.

Through our transatlantic partnership with The Mx Group and through working on numerous global accounts both as agency of record and as a regional execution partner, we will offer our perspective of common pitfalls of global campaigns and how to avoid them.

We’ve packed a lot into our half hour chat, and we want attendees to come away with some great insight, but also some really valuable new strategies and ways of thinking.

2) What is the key to an effective campaign?

Our view is that there are five common pitfalls as to why global campaigns often fall down, we will state these and how to avert them at the talk, but fundamentally they come down to two things:

  1. Ensuring that campaigns are based on a ‘big idea’, and that idea rooted in a universal ‘human truth’ which will transcend countries and cultures.
  2. Trying to deliver one unified message across the globe is reliant on tight alignment and clarity amongst an ecosystem of agencies and partners.

3) What are some common missteps that you’ve seen from global campaigns?

We co-hosted a roundtable event with The Mx Group at B2B Ignite USA, and there was vehement agreement on some of the common missteps we think many readers will recognise:

  • Assuming that because a campaign worked in the home market it will work everywhere else.
  • Simply translating a message from one language to another.
  • Adaptations are often defined by language versus country and culture, so for example assuming the US and UK are fundamentally the same just because they’re both English speaking.
  • Failing to fully consider personalisation at scale and managing agency ecosystems. Getting agencies to communicate with one another is a challenge but an important step.

4) What are some other global issues that B2B buyers are going to face in 2021?

In our opinion, other issues are unsurprisingly driven by, or have been accelerated by, the past 15 months:

  • B2B sales and marketing interactions have moved remotely or digitally.
  • Growth of B2B ecommerce and the sales volumes and value buyers are now prepared to conduct online – with many businesses playing catch-up to match the standards of digital experiences set by consumer brands.
  • The volume and personalisation of content that is now required by businesses to market effectively across the sales journey (especially video).
  • Connecting all the dots between tech platforms (e.g. Salesforce, CMS, Analytics, CRM, MA) to get meaningful and useable data.

5) Is there anything else you can tease about your session? Anything else you’re looking forward to?

After a year-and-a-half of digital events, I think we’re all a bit desperate for more engagement. So we’ll be asking attendees to share their thoughts and reactions throughout our presentation, and we’ll do our bit to keep things interesting… we may have taken the ‘fireside chat’ theme to the Nth degree when it comes to our outfits!

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