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Creative and effective Exhibition Stands | B2B Marketing

Organizing an exhibition helps in successful and face to face marketing of products to the targeted customers. It also helps in interaction with b2b partners who seek your service or product which would benefit your business. Thus you need to create

attractive Exhibition Stands

. Providing clients with exhibition service is a highly particularised service.

If you want to design an effective exhibition stand, you must have precise understanding about the client’s business or else you will design it with guesswork. Design of exhibition stand can’t be created until and unless you know certain basics about the company or you will have no direction to go. Ask yourself certain questions like: What is the type of product that the client intends to promote? What is the market image of your client’s company? Does your client have any idea about what kind of design does he prefer for the exhibition stand? Knowing the answers to these questions is vital as the

goal of exhibition stand design

is to allure maximum number of visitors within short time.

The best stands for exhibition are those that make optimum utilization of a company’s logo that is eye catching to any visitor. This helps the customers to immediately recognise the brand. If the logo of a company is strong then presenting it in 3D or in an illuminating or projecting format is a good option. Presenting the client with a 3D display will make the entire deal far more realistic. Once you catch a visitor’s interest you will intend that they reel in soon. So make a point that you keep flyers, leaflets or business cards handy that contains all the contact details of the client that you can distribute amongst them.

Exhibitions are quite noisy and so conveying the right message in such a noisy atmosphere is possible only when you use visuals in your design. Pictures, diagrams and prototypes will attract the spectators however noisy the surrounding is! Make minimal use of texts as many people are lazy in spending time and reading long texts. Use prim sentences so that if a visitor wants some details about any product he can communicate with the friendly staff. This will make him more interested.

Do not use colours in your exhibition stand that are too dark or too bright that create migraine to the spectator. Some clients have specific ideas about what colours to be used in company’s graphics.

Consider the use of complimentary colours like applying one shade to the background and applying opposite colour to the texts or



Considering the client’s views regularly will help you to avoid expensive mistakes. If you want to add some more features to the design of your exhibition stand you can incorporate a video screening in the display that will prove to be very beneficial. You can play a short video on your laptop of not more than three minutes that gives all the information to the visitors. Make the right utilization of lighting in your exhibition display. You can use spot lights in the stand as it will give a dynamic display.

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