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CTOs use social media the most of any c-suite members, research finds

CTOs and CIOs are the most prolific users of social media compared with their c-suite colleagues, a study on social media habits of senior execs has revealed.

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 report published by digital agency Lab and social media agency Immediate Future, shows when it comes to social media, IT and tech buyers use social media more than any other group of c-suite executives, including CMOs, CFOs and CEOs.

Some 39% of CTOs follow content that’s relevant to their work, 37% use social media to network for work purposes, and 69% use chat and messaging apps alongside social networking.

Young, cynical and mobile

The research delves into behavioural insights behind CTOs, showing they spend upwards of four hours a day on social media, and follow more brands than other members of the c-suite. Some 45% follow brands they like, and a third follow brands they plan to buy from.

Most CTOs are men aged between 25 to 34, proud and status-driven, reveals the report,

with 86% of them stating their job titles on Twitte


Alongside the report, Lab launched its ‘Monkey, Lion, Dog’ framework, showing CTOs’ complex and varied motivations through personas. While 40% exhibit ‘monkey’ traits (status, recognition, purpose), and 60% ‘lion’ traits (profitability, resource, professionalism), none of those surveyed identified with emotional ‘dog’ traits, which include transparency, openness and trust.

Speaking at an event to launch the report, Katy Howell, CEO at Immediate Future, said: “CTOs are not just talking about tech. 70% are now involved in the decision-making buying process, and are most concerned with protecting their business’s reputation. Marketers need a strong position to break the boring to target them – which starts with having an opinion.”

Tom Head, sales and marketing director at Lab, said: “Many marketers believe that the more senior the target, the more difficult they are to reach – but our research tells a different story. Senior tech and IT buyers can be found and they’re open to brand messaging,

but with so much noise on social channels

, brands need to use behavioural insights to create content which gets real cut-through.”

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