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Cutting through the ABM Clutter: Introducing the B2B Marketing ABM Maturity Index | B2B Marketing

It’s taken account-based marketing a long time to become sexy or aspirational. But here we are, at the beginning of 2018, and that’s exactly what it is

Without doubt, ABM is one of the most hyped, most discussed and most potent things going on in B2B marketing right now, and as such, it’s a topic that everyone needs to know about.

Why? There are a number of good reasons, but foremost among them is because it has the ability to unite marketing and sales (plus others) behind a cohesive and effective programme that has a genuine and potentially transformational impact on the business. Put it like that, and what B2B marketer in their right mind wouldn’t be interested in ABM?

But like many of the hot topics in B2B, it’s full of obfuscation and so-called ‘snake-oil’ salesmen. People telling you that it’s more complicated than you think it is, and that you won’t possibly be able to do it properly without this technology, that agency service, or this consultant. Jumping on a bandwagon is obviously not a new phenomenon in B2B marketing, but ABM is more than that. It’s more than just a tactic or technology; to be successful, it requires a concerted, focused (and properly resourced) effort.

It’s our job at B2B Marketing to help marketers cut through the contrived complexity – to provide perspective, simplicity, and to give marketers the means and motivation to engage new approaches that are aligned with best practice. To enable this, we’ve created our first Maturity Index on ABM. This model is designed to provide a clear and simple means for B2B marketers to understand where they are on their journey towards ABM success. It also shows what the overall trajectory looks like and what steps you’ll need to take to maintain progress.

Perhaps more importantly, we’ve created a parallel ABM Benchmark, so marketers can see how they compare with others who are also this journey. We’ve packaged these items into a report that provides case studies and interviews detailing direct testimonies from marketers at the sharp end.

Our intention is for both the Index and the Benchmark to evolve over time and alongside ABM thinking. Incorporating marketers’ feedback and real-life experiences, it will be increasingly relevant and essential.

Creating this type of content is key to B2B Marketing’s evolution as a brand, along with the insights and resources we provide. We create them with a determination to be aligned and responding to the real-life needs of B2B marketers in a changing environment.

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