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Cyber security concerns raised by ill-prepared marketing professionals ahead of GDPR | B2B Marketing

Just 10% of marketers are concerned about cyber security and the threat of hackers, according to research from the RSA.

This comes despite the looming implementation of

next year’s


, which aims to tighten data protection laws for consumers across the EU, carrying hefty fines for business failing to achieve 100% compliance.

Although the number of concerned marketers is worryingly low, a separate study from the Ponemon Institute revealed over

three-quarters of marketers do believe a cyber security breach presents a real threat to a firm’s brand value

– yet only 43% of IT professionals agreed with this.

Marketing and IT professional regularly bypass IT procedures

The RSA research also revealed IT and marketing professionals across the US were ill-equipped to deal with potential threats: with a mere 48% of marketers possessing the appropriate protocols to combat security threats, while only 47% have a communication plan in place.

Additionally, a concerning 73% of marketers and 78% of IT professionals confessed that workarounds are often employed by their companies in an attempt to circumnavigate IT policies and procedures.

The GDPR comes into play 25 May 2018, with almost

half of UK consumers intending to take advantage of the new data protection laws


Despite this, separate research revealed only

34% of marketing and advertising businesses are aware

of the new legislation, with

48% of organisation unlikely to meet its requirements

for 100% compliance.

Getting to grips with GDPR: A B2B marketer’s guide

This free comprehensive guide explains what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is, how this incoming data protection law will affect your organisation, and the practical steps to take to prepare for it.

Achieve 100% GDPR compliance

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