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DATA FOCUS: List brokers – data navigators | B2B Marketing

How to work with professional data list brokers

Professional list brokers are experts. They know the list market and the data owners and managers. They know which lists are best for particular campaigns, which can be trusted and which are performing well. They save the client money when they consolidate data purchase and can often pull a data supply together more speedily given their resources, expertise and supplier network.

Cheri Mayell Davies, list broker at Lloyd James Group, says, “I was asked to check a proposal for a client, which they had received from a large agency. The agency had recommended exactly the same list three times without realising that it had been given a different name by the different list managers reselling it.” Brokers can provide customer profiles and a comprehensive view of the market based on their client’s requirements. Data owners also find brokers useful and not just as a shop window for their lists.

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