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DATA NEWS: Kompass launch improved B2B database | B2B Marketing

B2B database Kompass has relaunched its website in the hope the improved interface will lead to greater customer satisfaction.

It claims the new design will benefit subscribers with new and improved features. Included in this is an ‘intelligent’ search function, if someone were to search the word ‘cutlery’ results would also bring up related terms like ‘knife and fork’.

Kompass say the improved search function will also benefit suppliers as they can be found with greater ease. It has also improved its own

search rankings

increasing its online presence, which it says will be beneficial to advertisers on the site.

The database plans to inform its current and new customers about the improvements through its salesforce as well as setting up an email campaign and using DM.

Rod Kain, general manager of Kompass says, “With the relaunch our advertisers get a better return on their investment and our users can find what they’re looking for, get quotes direct from companies and most importantly are better able to utilise the potential the Kompass database holds in terms of new business opportunities”

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