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Delta Capita CMO talks adaptability, evolution and trust

Global managed services, technology solutions and consulting provider Delta Capita CMO talks future objectives.

Leeya Hendricks is responsible for scaling channels and generating opportunities to expand the business as well as leading Delta Capita into a more strategic direction. She brings 14 years of digital marketing experience to the role, and has held top marketing positions in businesses such as Accenture, IBM and Oracle. 

Leeya said: “I’m incredibly driven. One of my goals when I first started working in the industry was to get different expertise in core areas of marketing and in that, I’ve really focused on being adaptable and comfortable with change. Diversity of skills allows you to become a more robust marketer. Being in different cultures allows you to have diversity of thought and grow in experiences.”

Delta Capita recently launched a new strapline: ‘Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain’, which positions how Delta Capita reinvents its customers’ ‘value chain’, and considers the way value is added along the chain, both to the products and services they offer, and what Delta Capita can perform on their behalf. Moving forward, Delta Capita also aims to focus on sustainability, key partnerships and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Leeya also said that despite being in a pandemic, the company has been able to focus on their customers more.

Leeya said: “It’s been bringing people closer together. That’s the interesting thing about me joining Delta Capita during Covid-19. You miss those coffee chats but it’s made it so much easier to be one company. We want to make sure we’re focused on our customers, and we’re given that opportunity with Covid because it helped build trust with our customers. Covid has provided a platform for authenticity and it’s so important in B2B marketing as it’s all about relationships, and without trust, there really is no commitment.”

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