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Demandbase launches ABM ‘ecosystem’ to boost martech integration

Demandbase intends to bring its ABM platform together with CRM, marketing automation and other parts of the martech stack to improve integration.

This ‘ecosystem’ is a network of partners including Salesforce, Salesforce Pardot, Marketo, Oracle, SAP, Drift, PathFactory, Uberflip, Folloze and Sigstr, with plans to expand this throughout 2019. Marketers can connect accounts from Demandbase with known individuals in their marketing automation systems to reach high value individuals at their target accounts. Additionally, data from partner technologies can be integrated into the Demandbase ABM platform to provide a complete view of accounts and their activities.

According to Demandbase, the vision of the new ecosystem will ensure

integration with the ABM tech stack

to leverage data, intent and account-based audiences to deliver cross-channel content, messaging and business outcomes.

Demandbase’s ecosystem aims to facilitate technology integrations with its partners, providing marketers with a combination of solutions that work for them,

including technologies that are currently in their tech stack

, as well as others that might fill gaps in their strategies.

Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase, said: “ABM has quickly become a core platform for B2B marketers, and

the next phase of ABM

will require tighter coordination across the ecosystem to integrate applications and data under an account-first architecture. As the pioneer of the ABM category, we are spearheading this effort to enable B2B marketers to deliver a coordinated, consistent message across multiple channels and ultimately increase the effectiveness and ROI of an ABM strategy.”

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