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DIGITAL NEWS: Yahoo acquires Qwiki | B2B Marketing

Yahoo has acquired 


, a start-up movie making iPhone app, for an undisclosed amount.

Qwiki allows users to turn photos, music and videos into short movies automatically.

This is the latest in a string of activity which include the acquisition of blogging site 


, a 


 revamp and the integration of 


 into its homepage’s news feed, in a bid to remain relevant.

The search engine commented in a

blog post

: “We’re excited to announce that Yahoo! acquired Qwiki – a company that uses awesome  technology to bring together pictures, music and video to capture the art of storytelling.

“Sharing a Qwiki is easy, whether you want to share your favorite moments from Coachella with your Facebook friends or celebrate the best moments from your sister’s wedding.

“We will continue to support the Qwiki app, and the team will join Yahoo! in our New York city office to reimagine Yahoo!’s storytelling experience.  Stay tuned … there’s much more to come!”

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