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DIRECT MARKETING NEWS: Post Office publishes new Postcode Address File licences | B2B Marketing

Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit has published new Postcode Address File (PAF) licences which will come into effect from 1 April 2010.

The new licences have been developed following a consultation with existing PAF users and resellers, and aim to provide a clearer and fairer licence for all users.

PAF contains all 28 million UK residential and business delivery addresses and postcodes.

The new licences operate on a user-based pricing model instead of the number of systems accessing PAF and have been designed to allow businesses the most suitable terms of access to the database.

Licensed PAF users will be able to buy unlimited blocks of transactions for internal use, with prices for blocks of 100 PAF based transactions starting from £8, allowing smaller PAF users to operate on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

Other benefits include the reduction in the cost per user licence and cuts in the price of data supply of up to 80 per cent.

Miranda Dodd, head of Royal Mail’s address management unit said, “We have listened to feedback from PAF users and believe the new licences offer a fairer and more flexible approach which reflects the needs of the current marketplace and the wide range of organisations where PAF now forms the core of their operating systems.

“In particular, we wanted to make it simpler and more cost effective for small businesses to access PAF, and also encourage new users, through lowering the entry price for smaller users.”

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