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Does your office furniture say as much about your brand as your marketing? | B2B Marketing

Irrespective of the industry you operate within, brand image and recognition is a top priority. Every business is aware of the need to stand out but how can you do this in a world which is increasingly competitive? And where does something as simple as your office furniture come in?


Digital takeover


The power of digital is something which hardly needs explaining but it’s something which must be given adequate attention when developing a marketing strategy to promote your brand.


Recent data has shown that as much as 77% of online display ads are never seen and viewers only spend an average of 1.7 seconds looking at ads and that means you need different ways to get your name and brand advertised online.


Social media is a big market – as of May 2013, as many as 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared daily on Facebook – but it’s vital that businesses have expert who can interpret web data and understand what strategies are working.


Shockingly, 26% of businesses have admitted they don’t have a dedicated staff member to handle the analysis of web data – something which could put them at a severe disadvantage.


Branded inside and out


While emitting a positive and uniform view of your brand to the outside world is important, you shouldn’t overlook the important of maintaining your brand image within the workplace too. From staff uniforms and company ethics to your choice of office furniture and colour scheme, there are numerous ways to keep your brand styling uniform inside and out.


Investing in high quality office furniture from reputable firms like 


 can help you build a sleek and professional appearance – perfect for encouraging productivity in your staff and delivering a professional image to visiting clients or customers. There have been numerous reports on how the arrangement and design of your office and its furniture can influence the amount of work conducted but it’s important to remember that it also affects branding.


A congruous and uniform appearance within your office helps staff retain a shared identity. This promotes a feeling of unity and ensures your staff feel a strong association with your brand. As they are often the individuals selling your company, this will therefore help them to be more proactive in their approach.


While digital marketing and other traditional forms of representing your brand are important, getting your office space up to scratch is just as vital. Marketing, like charity, starts at home and that means investing in brand-relevant office furniture and accessories.

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