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Door manufacturer Door-Stop generates impressive ROI using social media

Door manufacturer Door-Stop successfully used Facebook’s programmatic exchange to reach its audience of tradesmen

About the business

Door-Stop is one of the UK’s leading composite door manufacturers, and today, 90% of Door-Stop’s orders are placed using its one-minute, five-step, online ordering system, and it’s the only composite door manufacturer that delivers doors nationwide in just three days. It sells directly to the trade and provides marketing collateral to help grow its customers’ businesses.

Following the launch of its new custom door configurator and the most advanced interactive website in the door industry for homeowners, which delivers leads straight to its partner installers via the new plug-in, Door-Stop wanted to increase the number of registered installers on its system to facilitate business growth.

It worked with agency CIB, which developed a programmatic social media advertising campaign to generate new trade account sign-ups through the website, on a limited budget, with the objective of a 10% year-on-year increase in new accounts.

Why programmatic?

Working within tight budget constraints and with an ambitious target, it was essential to squeeze the greatest return from every penny spent. As a result, social media advertising was selected due to the flexibility and tight budget control programmatic advertising allows.

Starting with a custom audience created from existing Door-Stop email addresses, Facebook’s DSP was used to create lookalike audiences to expand the campaign to those tradespeople Door-Stop had not previously been able to reach.

“With the worst performing ads paused and budget shifted to the best performers, a final ROI of 843% was achieved”

The campaign

The campaign’s initial launch consisted of Facebook and Twitter advertising with a variety of ad creative, all playing on Door-Stop’s ‘If it’s late it’s free’ slogan – the guarantee that Door-Stop will deliver within three days, or the door is free.

The first round of testing showed some immediate results, with Twitter coming in at a much higher CPC (cost per click) and lower conversion rates than Facebook, budgets were quickly paused, and the campaign’s focus shifted to Facebook only.

Working closely with Facebook’s ad team, CIB further optimised the ad delivery by identifying the audience most receptive to the campaign. The lowest CPC and highest conversion rate were determined as coming from the 45- 54 year-old male demographic. All other audiences were dropped in favour of a highly targeted and personalised campaign aimed at this demographic.

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This involved revising the ad creative and updating the picture of the installer from a younger man to an older tradesman to better connect with the targeted demographic. The results were immediate, with the new creative delivering an average decrease in CPC of 50%.

The functionality provided by Facebook’s DSP to programmatically reach the target audience any time they were on Facebook and across all their devices allowed CIB to measure and refine the campaign on a consistent basis, across the three months in which the campaign ran.

Impressive results

With the worst performing ads paused and budget shifted to the best performers, a final ROI of 843% was achieved. Based on the average yearly value of a trade account for every £1 spent, the return was £9.43. Year-on-year DoorStop saw new account signups increasing significantly by 33%, 20% higher than the original target. This was attributed to the direct results of the campaign and the additional generated awareness.

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