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E-Payslips – Much More Than Just “Going Green” | B2B Marketing

For many people, a payslip signifies another month of success, and relief that you can keep the bank manager at bay; however, unless you receive regular commission or bonuses you might not even bother to open it, and unless you have an up-to-date and rigorous filing system, your payslip may just end up on one of your many piles of “I’ll get round to organising that soon”. Then comes the day that you need to provide a copy of those long forgotten payslips to various authorities. No matter how much you hunt, you just can’t find that one that you need. If only there was an easier way.

Independence and Security

An E-payslip incorporates all the information on your standard payslips but adds an extra dimension of independence and security. You will no longer have to worry about where your payslip is or whether or not the powers that be have paid you your correct wage. (I’m sure I worked an extra half an hour a week last Thursday). All you will need to do is go online and type in your details to get a list of your current and previous payslips. There are so many more advantages to having an e-payslip, for both businesses and employees; one of which is the improved data security that you will have with this service. 


Only a Click Away

All of your personal information is safe and sound and can only be accessed with a secure password; so no more worrying about your paper payslip not arriving in the post. Losing your payslip and having to replace it can be a long process filled with many questions and costs in order to have it replaced. With the ease of e-payslips you can just log on and have access to the information that you require at any time. This kind of simplicity is something that is lacking in many areas of life nowadays and it is a refreshing change to only be a click away from your personal information.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Although it can sometimes be easier to keep track of your pay and taxes by having instant access to your paper payslips, it has recently become apparent that is neither an efficient way to manage your finances nor sustainable for the future. The current trend of online communication, shopping and form filling has shown that society, in general, is embracing this new way of living. So why shouldn’t our monthly payslip follow suit and venture into our world of e-living.

Safety First

One of the main concerns of those who receive a payslip regularly is how safe they are. But this needs to be put into context. If you are the only person who has access to your login details then you can be pretty much assured that your information is relatively safe, or at least more so than entrusting it with a stranger to hand deliver it, or receive it in the post. So using a tried and tested method such as


can help you to ensure that you are looking after you payslips in a sustainable and efficient way. 

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