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ESG and marketing need to go hand in hand

In their blog,

Patty Rioux

, president of


, and

Mark Bula

, chief commercial officer at

H2 Green Steel

, discuss why championing ESG (environmental, social and governance) is both marketing’s new role



If your marketing hero is Don Draper and not Greta Thunberg, your career is in serious jeopardy. With 70% of global GDP under net zero targets, join us to understand why ESG are the three most important letters you need to know to thrive as a marketer. 

Why bother with ESG?

What started as an investment framework measuring the non-financial value and sustainability of companies, ESG is the same lens B2B consumers are now using to make buying decisions. Investors and buyers don’t just care about what you make, they care about how you go about making it. And while that has long been the case, the recent shift is that they are now willing to pay more to companies they believe are doing their part for the planet, for their people and for society. 

This isn’t a radical shift brought on by the pandemic but, like so many other aspects of our lives, the last two years simply accelerated what was already happening. The pillars of ESG are becoming more important to consumers of every age as we all look to redefine what truly matters in our lives, with experiences and societal impact continuing to eek away at status and consumerism.

What you can expect at our session

We want to help marketers understand the ESG framework and how it motivates investors and consumers. 

We will discuss how ESG is more than sustainability, even with environmental concerns getting the majority of the attention.  

We will talk about greenwashing vs. living your brand and sound a warning on the dangers of cancel culture for those who don’t take notice. 

We will share our view on how marketers’ skill sets must evolve to be part of the team driving ESG.

And most of all, we’ll discuss the role marketing leaders must have for companies to succeed in ESG, calling for marketers to have a seat at the highest-level strategy tables to drive the operational changes these efforts require.   

So, why attend Ignite?

As marketers, it is our responsibility to understand our audiences. And never before have audiences’ preferences and behaviours changed faster than within the last two years. We are excited to attend Ignite to share what we’ve experienced because we are all still learning. Anyone who claims they have this new landscape figured out is fooling themselves. As Malcolm Gladwell told us, it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery. Alone, none of us have 10,000 hours of marketing during a pandemic to claim we are masters… But together we do. 

For the last two years, we’ve had our collective head down, nose to the computer grindstones working to help our organisations survive. Isn’t it time to come up for air, take a breath to recharge, and start thinking strategically again about growth and opportunity, not just survival?

Want to hear more about finessing your brand from industry-leading experts?

Attend Ignite USA, the leading B2B conference on all things brand 1-3 June, virtually and in-person, in Chicago. Early bird sales end on 16 April, so don’t miss out on the chance to get that victory (and at a discounted price!)

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