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EVENTS NEWS: BAE Systems stands out from the crowd | B2B Marketing

BAE Systems

 showcases its cutting edge technology and digital innovations in dramatic 1846m² stand at this week’s DSEI event taking place at London’s Excel.

Working with 


 the elevated exhibition stand aims to take prospects on an interactive journey in 4D. 

John Young, creative director at M-is, says: “One of the key drivers was to make sure we presented a cohesive 360 degree presentation. So we’re talking about all the aspects, how all of these business units actually integrate and work together – that’s what this floor space actually represents.” 

Consequently, all four key areas of defence are addressed – land , sea, air and cyber.

The giant exhibit took 11 days to construct and includes array of presentations, models and practical demonstrations. The brand has also incorporated a restaurant and seating area for client meetings, including eight private fine dining rooms.

Jonathan Harmer

, project manager corporate events at BAE Systems, believes it is important the stand tells a specific story:  “the media spine includes lots of content that reflects the different countries that we work in. And also reflecting some of the stuff we do. Specific things on the stand are tailored to specific markets. It’s all about trying to make customers understand we are global and have a global reach.”

Meanwhile, BAE Systems has put digital innovation at the centre of the creativity. As a result, a 308m² media spine, non-stop broadcast and a soundtrack of the spectator feature in the space. 

M-IS creative director explains: “Making space that – you call it interactive – but it’s actually responsive to whoever is here in this environment. So, the whole space from the actual content to the presenters, to talking about the technologies, right the way through to the media spine and personalised welcome and imagery is all responsive to the individual delegations arriving.”

Additionally, iconic defence exhibits are situated throughout the Excel arena, including armoured personnel carriers, heavy artillery and a Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet. However, the company also pays tribute to its vast history by including unearthed first war field guns previously used in World War I.



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