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Financial Times launches first campaign since global financial crisis


Financial Times

 has called for better capitalism in ‘The New Agenda’, its first major brand campaign since the 2008 global financial crisis.

The daily business newspaper provided free content for 24 hours globally on its website, while also distributing its print publication with its new campaign cover on 18 September.

With its slogan, ‘Capitalism: time for a reset’,

the campaign

encouraged business leaders to challenge the past decade’s economic and societal changes, such as the ethics of investing, the risk in big technology and the future of the corporate world. ‘The New Agenda’ will be promoted for the rest of the year through 

Financial Times

events, partnerships, sponsorships and external communications.

Financial Times

 editor-in-chief Lionel Barber said: “The liberal capitalist model has delivered peace, prosperity and

technological progress

for the past 50 years, dramatically reducing poverty and raising living standards throughout the world. But, in the decade since the global financial crisis, the model has come under strain, particularly the focus on maximising profits and shareholder value. These principles of good business are necessary but not sufficient. It’s time for a reset.”

Finola McDonnell, chief communications and marketing officer, added: “Our readers want a guide to the risks and opportunities that disruption brings. But they also want to be challenged:

The Financial Times

has the authority and credibility to ask fundamental questions of business and, with this campaign, we are highlighting the choices that will determine the future of the economic order, reflecting what we do every day through our unrivalled journalism.”


Financial Times

 has reached a record paying readership, both online and on print, of one million – an all-time high – as of April 2019.

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