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From TNT Post to Whistl: Breaking New Ground in the Delivery Service Sector | B2B Marketing

Aside from its new name and vigorous rebranding efforts, however, the newly formed company has also been working hard behind the scenes to create an exciting array of innovative services. More specifically, they have strived to create a selection of flexible services that are aimed at small business owners, which will subsequently enable them to reduce costs without compromising on quality.

 The cost of packaging and shipping products can quickly accumulate for small businesses, whether they serve a domestic or international market. When you consider that this is a non-strategic cost that has no direct influence on turnover or profitability, however, it is imperative that businesses minimise their expenditure in this sector. This is where


can help, as although they offer universal services they also place an emphasis on flexibility and customisation that makes them tailored to meet the needs of small, independent and cost conscious firms.

This flexibility is also applicable across parcels of all shapes and sizes, from letters and domestic packages to larger scale shipments. Such freedom enables you to choose how you send each individual package and when it will arrive at its destination, so that you can organise shipments to suit your existing budget. 

This is a change that has the potential to revolutionise the delivery service sector, and subsequently level the playing field between small businesses and large scale corporations.


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