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Getting the Best Data Center for Your B2B Company | B2B Marketing

Everyone’s moving into the cloud and maybe you’ve jumped on that bandwagon (or you’re thinking about it). There are many benefits to using cloud storage such as a safer data center than you could create on your own, being able to access files from anywhere there’s internet, and saving lot of overhead when getting rid of all those hard documents. However, not all cloud storage is created equally and you need to do your research.

Cloud storage isn’t literally up in the clouds of course; there are data centers

located around the world

that are “hub central” for all your information. While most are more secure than anything you could dream up on your own, there are some which are more secure than others. Before opting for a certain company, make sure you research where the data centers are and the security that’s available. This is your starting point.

Why the cloud and B2B are perfect matches

Doing business in the B2B sector is a little easier than B2C when it comes to showing your customers why you’re going into the cloud. They’re facing very similar conundrums and might have already made the transition themselves. You don’t need to do as much (or perhaps any) convincing that cloud technology is safe and secure since they’ve already done the research for their own business.

However, this can also be your downfall if one of your customers is very particular about

which cloud technology is “best”

in their eyes. That’s why you need to do your part when it comes to homework and get armed with the details of the company you choose. Working the business to business approach has pros and cons, and sometimes those “cons” are that you’re dealing with another you: A business that cares about security and demands only the best.

What to expect from a data center and the cloud

Security is the most important factor, but it’s not the only critical one to consider. A data center should also offer excellent customer service that’s available around the clock since disasters don’t happen on a nine to five schedule. Chances are if you need to contact your tech providers, it’s for an urgent situation. Give them a trial test run and try reaching out during all hours and in all formats (phone, email, etc.) to see how quickly and professionally they reply.

Also take cost into consideration. Remember that you get what you pay for. In some instances,

free is good enough

(such as when you don’t have that many files) but in other cases see what your cash is getting you. Don’t go by price alone, but use it as a pillar.


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