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Hello sunshine – 5 ways it’ll help your email campaigns | B2B Marketing

Finally we’re starting to enjoy some warmer weather and with it comes the annual hunt for comfy but smart pumps, an uplift in mood first thing in the morning and people planning their next holidays with vengeance.
So does this change in weather actually help your email campaigns at all? Can you maximise on it? Of course you can, you just need to know how…

  1. People are generally in better mood when the sun comes out and as we get to Spring they’re going to be more understanding when an email campaign pops in to their inbox. If you can catch them just after their happy walk in or after a relaxed lunch then someone who may have not been receptive to your whitepaper or service offering may be a bit more lenient.
  2. Your recipients are thinking about the lovely weather so if you also work it into your copy and imagery – you’re instantly on the same wavelength and talking their language. It also shows that you’re on the ball and relevant with your campaigns.
  3. People are planning their holidays, they’re looking at finances after a bleak winter and that means they’re spending money (or thinking about it). Make it easy for your customers to talk to theirs – just because you’re B2B doesn’t mean that your customer is!
  4. For many it’s nearly the end of the financial year so in B2B that means new budgets and a review of last year’s activity. Make sure you get in there now and capture their attention to make sure you’re on their shortlist.
  5. April can often mean an influx of new starters at a business so make sure that you’re offering advice and help to make their induction easier and you’ll make sure that they remember you once they’re settled.

So make sure that you jump on this latest seasonal change to make the most of your campaigns – and that’s not just email that’s across all your channels. Look at how your mood and behaviour is affected and translate that into your customer’s view point. You’ll find you have a lot in common.

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