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Holistic Marketing and Beyond: Promoting a Brand from Within | B2B Marketing

While the term ‘holistic marketing’ is far from new, it may need some interpretation for fledgling marketers.

In simplistic terms,

holistic marketing refers to an organic and seamless approach

that evaluates an entire business in order to create a consistent promotional strategy. This includes individual elements such as people, processes and products, and the ultimate aim should be to tailor a solution that drives an enriched and identifiable consumer experience.

Typically, holistic marketing can be separated into two key phases. The first is the alignment of marketing channels with systems and customer touch points, in order to create an integrated and


experience. The second phase may be less well-known, but it refers to the unification of all services and departments within a specific business. This will ultimately drive better internal communication and optimise human resources, while also empowering employees as a mobile marketing force.

The Fundamental and Practical Pillars of Holistic Marketing

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the core pillars of creating a viable holistic marketing campaign.

These include: –

Place Software at the Centre of your Efforts

Ultimately, no holistic marketing campaign can succeed without adequate software, as this underpins your strategies and helps you achieve individual goals. The software should operate along similar lines to your CRM platform, while these two entities must also be integrated to drive consistent messaging and a steady flow of internal and external communication.

Visual IQ is one of the best providers of integrated marketing dashboards, as it enables you to host large swathes of information and develop a 360 degree view of your entire business. It can ultimately serve as a single management resource for all marketing data, from customer profiling to core brand messaging and social media conversations. From here, you can empower your human resources to utilise this software and optimise its potential.

Train your Human Resources to Oversee your Holistic Marketing Campaign

In the mortgage and financial services sector, there is a brand new trend for mobile training and compliance platforms based on gamification. The Morf Learning Enterprise Compliance Training software has been designed to engage employees, drive productivity and empower individuals to understand the importance of compliance. Financial expert

Axel von Schubert

, who is the founding partner of JP Capital Investments Ltd, has recently commented on the demand for the platform as over 100 companies are keen to use the pilot software. 

While this type of software can drive compliance in the financial market, it can also be used to effectively train employees and reinforce specific values. This turns the popular concept of engaging customers through gamification on its head, as this is instead used to create interaction between employees and a brand. This is central to successful holistic marketing, as it creates competent and knowledgeable staff members that are fully engaged with the brand and its core messaging.

Create a Culture of Brand Awareness

On a final note, it is important to underpin this training by creating a culture of brand awareness within the business. This helps to drive holistic marketing from within over a prolonged period of time, as employees develop an innate understanding of both the brand and typical customer profiles.  This goes beyond basic training, as a culture of brand awareness can help to reinforce the businesses marketing proposition even during periods of staff turnover.

Once you have established a culture of brand awareness, you can also begin to rely on a knowledgeable, motivated and mobilised marketing unit. This can be organically deployed outside of the business, as employees reach out to customers through everyday conversations that reflect well on the brand. This ensures that a brand message is being shared through direct and natural communication rather than overly persuasive sales pitches.

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