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How businesses can increase their sales by having their websites translated | B2B Marketing

Today, running a successful business is equivalent to having an impressive online presence. If you know how to maintain a good online presence of your business, you are bound to succeed in the modern world. Businesses don’t rely solely on billboards, newspapers and TV commercials for their marketing and advertisement anymore. In the time of the internet, they have understood the importance of the online world and how to utilize it. There are literally billions of people from all over the world present on the internet at any given moment. This makes internet a huge yet virtual marketplace.

There are hundreds and thousands of ways for businesses to boost their online presence and introduce web features that enhance their brand identity. Almost everyone with even little knowledge of business world understands the importance of brand loyalty. In order to create brand loyalty and make customers stick to your business you need to develop a contact on emotional basis. Translating the content of your website into the language of the people viewing it is one of those amazing yet simple strategies. Let’s have a look at a number of ways your website translation can benefit your business.

Targeting A Bigger Audience

It is true that English is the international language, but it does not mean that everyone on earth understands and speaks English. You should not be surprised to know that only 30% of the world speaks English and rest of the world does not. According to the recent estimates, nearly 58% websites on the internet are only in English. What this means is that you are not targeting the bigger part of the world i.e. the people who can’t understand English. If you are an international business, you are only reducing the size of your target audience by keeping your website only in English.

Hitting On An Emotional Level

Nothing can squeeze out more sales from a customer than loyalty. If your

customer is loyal to you

, chances are that they will never give another brand a shot. This is called brand loyalty and it exists. Think about the biggest brands of the world and how people feel towards those brands. We can take Coca Cola as an example. A person who is a loyal customer of Coca Cola will always ask for Coca Cola wherever he is. Offer him another drink and he might refuse straight away.

Nelson Mandela once said that talking to a person in a language that he only understands means it will get into his head, but talking to him in a language that he speaks will take your words to his heart. That’s what you can do by having your website translated into the language of nations that most visit your website. It’s not even a task to collect geographic data of your website visitors. Furthermore, there are literally thousands of websites and firms that can translate your content in your desired language without compromising on the authenticity of the content.

Brand Identity

Brand identity matters a lot when your business is getting big or is big. However, to have a brand identity you have to take a few steps that make your customers proud of you. Take example of Apple. Their customers are so loyal to them because they offer great warranties and services on their phones. When you translate the website in the language of your customers, you send them a message that you care about them. It’s just these little steps you take that make you a brand in the eyes of your customers and the rest of the world.

To Stand Out From The Rest

It is quite surprising that some of the biggest brands of the world have not translated their websites in the language of the people they are selling to. Even the regional websites they have are in English. Not only are they missing a big market due to this discrepancy but they are also getting counted among other brands that have walked the same path. By offering something that many other big companies have not offered until now you could become the different one. Once again, this is a huge step at creating brand loyalty in your customers.

More Convincing Content

One of the first things you have to keep in mind when choosing your translators is to pick the native ones. No matter how good someone is at their second language, they can never beat the natives. The benefit of choosing the natives is that they can use the most convincing terms in your content. They can make your content sound as natural as possible to the native readers. Your content won’t look translated. In fact, your visitors will completely forget about translation and put their trust in what they are reading, which will lead to more sales.

Your Audience Can Relate

People like to go for things that they can relate to more. When you put content in their language, you have the flexibility of using more content from the local areas so you can approach people in the most natural way possible. For example, you would not expect people living in India to feel like buying your product by introducing Black Friday and Christmas deals that are meant for American people. You would want them to feel more relevant and talk about their traditions and rites. There could not be anything better if you could do that in their own language.

One of the most important thing to remember as you go on hunting for

website translators

is to look for human translators. Of course, our technology has advanced by leaps and bounds but human sensibility is still unbeatable by machines. Machines can definitely come up with more words for the same word in another language and their synonyms but they can never understand what sensitivity of an issue is, what context to the content is and what matters most to humans. Whenever you choose a translating company, make sure to choose human translators. 

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