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How creative marketing can have a bigger benefit than just putting a smile on people’s faces | B2B Marketing

Jacqui Beel, head of content marketing at Powwownow, examines how brands making a creative splash can benefit the business across multiple strands

Creative marketing is more than just a way of making people smile, it affects businesses in several ways. Companies that take a creative approach have the ability to entertain and grab people’s attention but such campaigns or events can also have a significant impact on a businesses’ bottom line.

With so much content out there, brands need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. You have to cut through a saturated environment and make sure that your brand can be seen and heard. This is where creative marketing comes in. It has the ability to be beneficial to a business because it allows your brand to find more innovative means of communicating with your target audience.

For creative marketing to work you have to engage your audience with informative, useful, funny or memorable content that is relevant. Putting out content for the sake of putting it out will not work when there are so many other businesses out there that are competing for attention. You have to think what you can do differently and why it is relevant. You should not forget there is a person on the other end – they need to be informed about the positive impact that your brand will have on them. Sometimes brands forget to focus on the benefits rather than the features and creative marketing can help you showcase these features in a way that is interesting and will put you at the forefront of people’s minds.

We live in a digital age where there is so much content to choose from and people’s attention can easily wander, you have to captivate your target market. Create material that is short and snappy and easily digestible. If it isn’t instantly appealing to someone there are a hundred other types of content that someone will move onto. Brands need to think imaginatively to get noticed and hold interest.

 B2B marketing is an area where true creativity can be developed and its time that B2B marketers stopped using ‘B2B’ as an excuse to not be creative. Smart businesses will know the value of creative marketing in this sector. If you can offer a little magic and communicate with businesses in a way that they have not seen before you can break through the clutter in an increasingly complex environment and you will have the ability to capture their attention.  

Creative Marketing not only helps increase market share and revenue growth, it also helps create a better work culture. Businesses that employ creative approaches towards marketing tend to have a happier work force as creative campaigns help employees become excited about their work and feed in to a more positive working environment.  

The idea of imaginative marketing is to communicate with your target market using innovative methods that will make you the ‘go to business’ in your sector. It is a key component that is needed to address the ever-growing business challenges presented by content-saturated markets. It gives the opportunity to explore ideas and encourages you to find innovative ways to communicate, while providing significant benefits to your business. Look at what you can do differently, how you can do it and how it will appeal to your target market and you will have the tools to create a successful marketing campaign that will have the desired effects on your business. There are bigger benefits that can be gained from creative marketing than simply putting a smile on people’s faces.

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