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How Great Packaging Can Improve Your Business | B2B Marketing

When consumers walk into a store, they unknowingly are being marketed to and influenced by the

different packaging

they see. The packaging you use for your business is essentially a salesman, as it is the first point of interaction a customer will have with your products. Creating packaging that clearly communicates your brand message is essential to gaining the customers’ trust and convincing them of the importance of your products. If you are losing the packaging battle to your competition, it is time to make some changes. Customers will not only need to be visually stimulated by the packaging, they will need to be impressed by the information on the package and the way it feels. Here are some different ways

effective packaging

will improve your business:

Commitment to Quality

Think of the companies that have simple yet effective packaging. Nike and Apple are two companies that have a certain

packaging message

. They do not have a lot of information on their packaging because their logos speak volumes to customers. People know exactly what they can expect when purchasing a Nike or Apple product, as both companies have a solid reputation for a commitment to quality. It is important that you focus on packaging that is simplistic and also create high-quality products to begin with. If people are constantly returning your products due to a number of problems, you will not get far.

Emotional Response

As you look at

different color schemes

and ways to trigger an emotional response from the customer, it is important to consider what your competition is doing. You need to find attention-grabbing packaging designs that will cause the customer to stop and take a look. Not only should you focus on color, logo placement, and the product information, you must create a unique box or design. This is how you can take your brand from being just another box on the shelf to a commodity. Create a package that obtains an emotional response from customers and causes them to become loyal to your brand. As you look at the various designs and other things you can do to make your box stand out, consider the usability and storage of the box. Is the box simply a method to get the product into the customer’s hands, or do you want customers to like the package so much that they want to keep the box instead of recycling it? Functional packaging is a key part of triggering an emotional response from customers.

Marketing Strategy

A company can easily

boost sales

with good packaging. As you create a marketing strategy that communicates a particular message, consider different ways to make the packaging part of your marketing message. Consider different materials, colors, and shapes for your packaging. This makes it hard for customers to ignore your product because they will be so influenced and impressed by the packaging. Innovation on product packaging can influence a customer’s decision to buy the product initially, and that customer can become a valuable source of marketing as they show the unique package to their co-workers, friends, and others.

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