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How phone-based services can help businesses during Covid-19 | B2B Marketing

Keeping in touch with your customers

A flexible, personal channel such as the phone allows you to make the emotional connections that are most valued at a time when physical human contact is limited and digital interactions are the norm.

With the world in lockdown following COVID-19, businesses are revisiting existing strategies to adapt and strengthen their offering and find ways to overcome barriers created by extreme social distancing.

With uncertainty now a permanent backdrop to our daily existence, it is vital that technology does not eclipse the need for real, meaningful human contact. Now more than ever, we need to build supportive relationships in both our social and business lives.

The Telemarketing Company look at how phone-based services can:

  • Maintain precious human contact.
  • Tune into customer needs so you can align your proposition.
  • Offer flexible support as customer needs evolve.
  • Target resources to deliver ROI.
  • Provide a key diversifier.

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