How to 12x your marketing ROI in 6 steps | B2B Marketing

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A 6-step framework to underpin every marketing campaign moving forward

Marketers’ spend has never been under such scrutiny, with the use of budget and ROI stats being analysed by a growing number of stakeholders.

This can make the life of a marketer extremely tough!

But, as marketing techniques, know-how and technologies evolve, so too do the opportunities to generate quick wins, encourage loyalty and kickstart powerful customer dialouge with minimal effort.

The secret lies in knowing how to supercharge ROI, without incurring any additional costs or time pressures.

Thats where this guide comes in!

This straight-talking document provides a 6-step checklist for marketers to action, covering:

  • Objectives setting
  • The sales funnel
  • Data analysis
  • Content & messaging
  • Campaign execution
  • Landing pages

You should be able to execute a 6-week marketing campaign comfortably in only 1 day – can you?

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