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How to be Consistent with Your Social Media Branding? | B2B Marketing

Branding in General:

Branding should be a vital part of your marketing strategy in order to mark an inalienable image among the customers. Your brand should remain and reside in the minds of the customers for particular products and services that you offer.  It’s not that easy to get the customers attached to your brand, but it’s possible if you approach through a dedicated and well researched branding strategy.

Winning customer hearts mostly depends on understanding their needs and wants. Knowing well what the customers are expecting and working on to fulfill their desires will bring long term influences on your branding processes. You have to interact with the potential customers and learn things from every conversation you make. Although you have made a good branding campaign, the final result comes from customers’ experiences, so your business products or services should be intact and satisfying.

Social media is one of the finest modes to generate successful branding experience. Branding and social media go together like bread and jam. The values of both items get higher if they are used together. In this modern era, social media is an integral part of marketing strategies; it brings branding quite easier. The social networks will enhance and provide better opportunities to spread the brand name or product or service features before as many users as possible. More people are getting to know your brand means you are creating more opportunities to being exposed.

Social Media Branding and Consistency:

Social media is good for branding, but only if you are approaching it the right way. There are many things to consider, but for now I would like to discuss about an important factor, i.e., Consistency. I have noticed that many brands use social media for marketing, but completely in a wrong pattern. Social media branding doesn’t mean to register your brand in various networks and using varied designs on each one. Moreover, it wholly depends on how consistent you are with your social media profiles. Everything you share through social network profile can matter your branding; single content, every post or reply constitute your brand.

Results on social media branding are depended mostly on how consistent you are. Be consistent with who you are and what you represent. In order to keep such a consistent value for your brand among the customers, your representation from various social networks should be consistent. Your profiles across all leading networks should resemble the brand and product or service features in similar look. Using different designs and information on different sites will not create branding effects, but cause confusion and further damage.

Start with a fixed avatar and use it across all platforms; it can be profile photo or brand logo. Next comes the background images, follow the same rule here as well. Most of the social networks allow you to set up a background image (Facebook, Twitter, etc., have this option). Moreover, use same color combination across your all profile pages. Branding means to make an impression among the users when they think about the products or services of same interest. Hence, using same images and designs will add more on to it.

Next to come the case of information you share across the various social media networks. Use similar names for fields such as username and profile names. Be consistent with your “about us” information. It should be same for all networks and the customers don’t like or entertain to see various description for a single brand. When you make changes to profile information in any site, should consider following the same changes in other profile, if necessary.

Things are not over with having similar profiles; you must think about profile activities as well to sustain the branding effects. You should consider posting something through profiles in a consistent manner. Prefer for an everyday activity if possible. Posting 10 to 15 times once and not doing anything for months is a bad idea. Be active all through the weeks and share the same content on all your social media accounts. Give preference to understand what the users are looking for and try to come up with such sharing in a consistent way.

Using different images and names leave your brand information scattered over various profiles and will not add more branding results. Try to keep it similar as much as possible to share a friendly branding atmosphere through accounts.

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