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How to deliver an award-winning campaign

For the 14th year, hundreds of ambitious B2B marketers donned their best garb and headed to B2B Marketing’s annual Awards ceremony to battle it out for our highly desired trophies.

Over 800 B2B marketers attended the 2018 International B2B Marketing Awards at the Roundhouse in Camden making it the biggest B2B marketing event in Europe. Every year the B2B Marketing Awards is a celebration of the industry’s best. For some, winning an award is the pinnacle of their career, for others it’s a catalyst for fast-tracked career progression. 

In this guide we demystify the Awards process, revealing how the judging works, what goes on in the debating chamber and how you can impress the judges. We also reveal the three most revered award submissions as entered by the marketers, showing both examples of a good submission and award-winning campaigns.

Stand by to see what it takes to secure victory as the best in B2B marketing.

Download this free, 24-page guide to discover:

  • The biggest cause of debate among the judges
  • Panel chairman Peter Young’s top tip for entrants
  • What separates the Grand Prix winner from the rest
  • One thing that really bugs judges
  • Case studies of the top campaigns.

“Entries benefit from being professionally written. Don’t cobble it together at the eleventh hour, or give it to a junior or someone unable to write well. Writing is an important craft – give it time and give it talent. If you put both in, it will come through.” 

Peter Young, independent chairman and marketing consultant

The B2B Marketing Awards 2019 Submissions are now open! 

We want you, B2B’s most wanted.

It’s time to stake your claim to stand among the most wanted in our industry. The mavericks, the pioneers, the titans of B2B Marketing. We want you.

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