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How to elevate customer experience: Merkle B2B’s insights

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In a recent interview, Rob Gold, CEO, Merkle B2B, delved into the evolving landscape of B2B marketing, highlighting the critical role of data in shaping personalized customer experiences, and talked through the agency’s strategies in navigating data-driven challenges.

Merkle B2B won the Silver accolade at our 2023 B2B Marketing Awards in the category of ‘Global agency of the year.’ Rob mentioned the shift from the traditional perception of B2B as lagging behind, isolated, and offline to its resurgence in the spotlight of modern marketing.

“In today’s B2B realm, data plays a pivotal role. It empowers businesses to make informed decisions that align with the dynamic needs and responsibilities of contemporary B2B buyers.” 



Rob stressed the importance of leveraging data to navigate today’s B2B landscape, enabling businesses to align strategies with current market dynamics and customer needs, rather than relying on outdated approaches.


Challenges and solutions in using data effectively

He also highlighted the challenge faced by B2B marketers in effectively harnessing data: “The key to effective data usage lies in establishing trust. Businesses must ensure that the information provided is reliable and aligns with customer needs.”

Merkle B2B’s approach involves not only creating valuable experiences based on customer insights but also assisting clients in organizational design, technology adoption, and maximizing data impact across various business functions.

Regarding the impact of data-driven strategies on business performance, Rob noted: “when done right, data-driven marketing significantly enhances outcomes, improving deal cycles, customer spending, and satisfaction.”

He stressed the importance of connecting data insights to tangible business outcomes rather than drowning in excessive information without meaningful application.



Regarding the evolving role of agencies in today’s market, Rob said agencies should focus on serving existing clients and building strong, long-term partnerships: 

“We will continue to focus on building strong partnerships with our customers so that we know how to add value to them when things are a bit tighter. Of course we can have sensible discussions with our customers about rising costs, but much more importantly we focus on the outcomes that we’re driving. The majority of our customer relationships are based on outcomes, we know what’s important to them and align our marketing goals into their business goals.”

He recommended finding the right balance between client retention with new business acquisition, ensuring that existing commitments aren’t compromised in pursuit of new opportunities.


Navigating digital transformation misconceptions



Rob addressed misconceptions surrounding digital transformation and the need to simplify the approach to it. He said it was important to understand the problem at hand and aligning digital strategies with specific business objectives rather than complicating the process:

“There’s all kinds of big challenges and questions that are being asked: ‘how do we have a positive impact on the planet? How do we attract more people to the organization? What should I be marketing next? How do I harness my technology?’ Our business has been built on delivering solutions to these questions. And what you’ll see from us in the new year is an even greater emphasis on harnessing all the capability within Merkle and Dentsu to continue delivering fantastic outcomes for clients in the B2B space.”

Merkle B2B’s commitment to data-driven strategies and customer-centric approaches reflects what’s happening in the evolving landscape of B2B marketing. The agency is elevating customer experiences through innovative solutions, client partnerships, and a deliberate focus on delivering tangible outcomes.

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