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How to get the right technology for your ABM journey | B2B Marketing

There is a wealth of technology available to support marketers’ ABM efforts and those offerings are rapidly growing in number. In our ABM Technology Maturity Map, we’ve researched some of the best vendors and solutions for each stage of the journey, whether you’re scaling up or just getting started.

The B2B Marketing ABM Technology Maturity Map: Version 2.0

outlines some of the technologies available to support your ABM strategy. This charts the right ABM tech for you at each stage of your programme’s evolution – from just starting out to being a guru in the field.

It’s no surprise that only 22% of B2B marketers interested in ABM feel they have a good understanding of the technology available to them (

Early stage ABM: Plotting your route to success


Decisions about martech investment can be overwhelming and there’s a lot to consider. You’ve got to audit your existing tech against your needs, know what to invest in and when. After all that you’ve got to ensure it’s integrated, deployed and making a return on your investment.

The tech stack for early stage ABM

While tech vendors continue to bring out new tools to help with ABM, most marketers don’t have the means to invest heavily. 

Our extensive survey into ABM practitioners

 found that the significant majority of B2B marketers are in 

the first stage of ABM practices

. That means they’re in a test and learn phase – and until they’re delivering ROI they often aren’t equipped to invest in more tech.

Thankfully, early stage ABM isn’t needy in this respect. The first steps in ABM are about mastering the basics, which means effective use of your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Yet not everyone has one – 17% are yet to install a CRM system. This is a problem as the CRM is the means by which you and sales will understand your customers; it is not only essential you have it, but that it is properly configured and regularly updated with clean, reliable, shareable information.

Both sales and marketing need to using the CRM system as effectively as possible, this may mean training or upgrades to create a more bespoke solution. Either way, if you aren’t nailing your use of the CRM system, you certainly aren’t ready to invest in more tech.

“Marketers utilise only a small percentage of the tech they’re already paying for, so the focus should not be on the number of ABM technologies that need to be ‘adopted’, but in understanding, filtering and then applying the smallest number of interoperable technologies required to meet your needs.”

Daisy Holloway, head of digital marketing, Enigma Marketing Services

Getting the right CRM system and marketing automation platform is an essential first step, one that most marketers are on the road to achieving already. As strategies are scaled up and ABM goes from pilot to programme, more tech may be useful, as long as what you already have is implemented well. From content and personalisation tools, all the way through to predictive analytics and AI, our map lays out the path to success.

Simple steps on tech

  • Work with what you’ve already got by training staff to use existing tech better.
  • Your CRM system is the backbone of ABM delivery – ensure its proper use.
  • Look to upgrade existing tech before buying new tools.
  • Focus early efforts and budget on delivery. Unless you are using one-to-many ABM, tech investment can wait until you upscale.

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Click here to enlarge the ABM Technology Maturity Map: Version 2.0.


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