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How to Grab the Attention of Busy People | B2B Marketing

What do you do?

You could find out where they work, and camp outside the office – they have to come in or out at some point, right?

OR. You could escape a restraining order and follow these steps on how to get the attention of a busy person.

Whether you’re looking for a job, chasing new business for work or trying to make a sale, the initial opening communication is crucial.

Come on too strong, and you’ll probably get ignored. Try to be too alternative, you’ll probably get ignored. You need to find the right balance between robotic and over quirky.



Keep it simple, stupid

. This term was coined in the 1960’s, and promotes simplicity rather than unnecessary complexity. This is a great mantra when drafting an approaching email; keep your waffle to a minimum whilst still demonstrating that you have something about you. 

If it’s a job you’re interested in, think of something creative as your subject line.

So rather than …

Maybe try …

Allude to the fact that you want to speak to someone in a managerial position at the company. This subject is cryptic, it’s quirky, and it’s more likely to grab the reader’s attention.


Show your knowledge

To quote a chap named José Mourinho, you need to show that you are “

not one of the bottle”

and that you are “

a special one”.

Show you know your stuff, in a short, snappy way. Do your research and more importantly, show that you’ve done it. So many people will suffice in sending out their generic, ‘copy and pasted’ emails because they can’t be bothered to put the effort in to impress. Don’t be that person.

Be prepared to put the effort in, do your research and draft a meaningful, personal email that will grab the attention of the reader.


Take it back to the school

In an age of technology, iPhones, tablets and more, why not jump in your DeLorean, plug in the 1990’s and

write a good old fashioned letter


Nothing shows that you’ve put the effort in better than picking up the pen and paper, donning your very best handwriting and drafting a letter. Some things to remember are:

  • To format it correctly,
  • How to sign off correctly,
  • To make it readable,
  • To take care with grammar and spelling.


A letter is a really great way of communicating with someone, leave some contact details and hope that you have inspired a response. Although this is not the most effective means of communication in terms of timing, it may just be the differentiating factor in getting the response you seek.

It’s important to remember these pointers, because after all, the person who you seek to contact is still a human being. If they are impressed with your approach, they will get back to you. No doubt they are used to getting hundreds of emails a day, so if they come across

an approach that is a bit different

, they will be interested and will want to know more.

Your approach is vital, so make it count.

Don’t be afraid to be different.

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