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How to identify and maximize sales enablement ROI | B2B Marketing

Putting your buyer in the centre of the frame

No more half measures.

Modern buyers expect more – more value, more consultation, more personalization and more insights. Sellers that neglect to take a buyer-centric approach don’t just struggle to meet expectations, they risk running their companies out of business.

The process of providing sellers with the content, tools, knowledge, skills and coaching they need to optimize buyer interactions not only has the potential to improve sales performance but enhance businesses holistically, from cost reduction to messaging development.

This guide explores how sales enablement provides value across your organisation and includes valuable insights from author and internationally renowned sales enablement expert Tamara Schenk to help you strengthen your strategy

Download this eBook to:

  • Increase sales productivity and support seller retention.
  • Boost marketing efficiency and encourage alignment between marketing and sales teams.
  • Improve content usage that provides insights to optimise content development.
  • Remove friction and add value by bringing business functions together.

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