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How to Increase Telesales Conversions | B2B Marketing

However, this guide will demonstrate the elements required to increase your agent’s effectiveness in converting those all-important telesales.

Here are our top tips:

The vast majority of call centre guides focus on the skills and tactics required to address complaint handling, scripting, tone, empathy etc. However, this guide will demonstrate the elements required to increase your agent’s effectiveness in converting those all-important telesales. Here are our top tips:

1. Recruit smartly

Whether you hire staff via an agency or internally, ensure that your recruiters are emphasising that the candidate should be fully sales orientated, rather than just having a willingness to sell. Having sales-focussed people in place with the right attitude is half the battle! Don’t be afraid to hire more sales-orientated customer service staff to increase conversions.

2. Actively pursue dead leads

It is essential to identify and record when and why potential customers have abandoned your communication. Use the information gathered to analyse and rectify the problem, with an aim of recovering and converting the sale. To aid this process, capture contact details as early as possible in order to follow up with help or advice, should the customer drop out of the sale.

3. Sales training in the induction

Understandably, many companies focus a lot of attention on product or service knowledge in the induction stage. This can last up to 4 weeks in some cases. However, the training of sales skills is all too often neglected, with only one or two days allocated. Consider increasing the amount of time dedicated to sales training and then continue with an on-going buddy system to increase telesales conversions.

4. Pilot new campaigns

When introducing new processes, training or approaches, it is important to be patient. Consider piloting a new sales campaign as a measure of results. Ensure your pilot group are out with their normal teams in order to truly establish what works well and what doesn’t.

5. Agent desktops

Ensure your agent’s desktop has been set up efficiently, allowing them to up-sell and cross-sell when appropriate. In an ideal situation, promotions and offers that are relevant to the customer should be displayed to the agent during the conversation. The agent should be able to easily capture responses for future reference. This will significantly reduce the amount of information an agent needs to retain and will reduce the amount of time taken to find information about particular offers. As a result, the agent will be able to better present an offer, which will be more attractive to the customer.

6. Clear communication

It may seem simple, but not being able to hear what an agent is saying on the phone can have a huge impact on a sale. Background noise in a call centre is inevitable, but be sure to test your agent’s calls for interfering noise and distractions, as this may be detracting from a positive customer experience and ultimately, sales conversions.

7. Intelligent converting

Customer profiling is an effective way to increase conversion rates. It provides your agents with ‘hot’ leads, which are better qualified and have a greater chance of conversion. The more intelligence you can gather about your customers, the better. Check out order history, order value, location, age etc. to determine the best profiles.

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