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How to Make Your Content Unique and Plagiarism Free | B2B Marketing


It happens to anybody. Some stuff that you read or see online are too effective to be forgotten and somehow, they can sneak inside your own thoughts and content that you post. This happens to all of us and there are tools and ways to prevent it and make it nearly impossible to happen. Also, some of the content makers are not that naïve and they deliberately steal your content without giving you the credits and copy it to their sites. Well, Google doesn’t like copied content and if it notices the theft it may result in omitting those sites from the search results.

While having your content stolen is not pleasant at all, the more important thing is not to allow plagiarism on your own site. It can happen when you try to quote somebody, accidentally write something that suspiciously resembles other people’s work and so on. There are a couple of ways to prevent this from happening.



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One of the ways is to use online tools for checking all your content before publishing it. There are


that are used to do that and you are always on the safe side if purchasing the premium version. Also, the safest way of not making the mistake of copying is coming up with a very original, interesting and unique content. Google encourages it and it has so many rules that need to be followed in order to rank it well on search engines. However, having it diverse, unique and relevant is always a good and efficient way for Google to notice it. You can achieve this by writing a text and then thinking about the style, the word choice and about bringing in some variety into your expression.

 Besides that, it is always interesting to throw in some info graphics and videos. Those are definitely unique and they definitely grab Google’s attention. Also, the possibility for them to be copied and similar to something is far less than with written texts. They also contribute to the variety of the post and its quality.

If you are determined to protect the fruits of your labor, you can always protect it with

Creative Commons

. This is a very good way to protect your work because this type of protection allows you to adjust the level of protection and it still encourages others to use your work, spreading it all over the internet, but still to do it by giving you the credits. This can draw attention to your site and let more and more people know about your work.

Also, you should always attribute the quotes that you use to their rightful owners. Throw in a backlink for them as well and you will have good content while they will have a nice backlink to their site.

Internet is all about sharing and learning, exploring and finding new content. It is far better to contribute to that big pool of knowledge than to use somebody else’s work. 

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