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How To Market An Office Party Among Employees | B2B Marketing

There are so many that believe all they have to do is organize an office party and all employees will attend. This is definitely not the case. You may organize the party for the very best possible reasons and still end up with nobody attending. It is actually so common to notice various excuses that appear and your party is no longer the success you imagined it to be.

The good news is that you can easily improve the chances of success if you simply follow the marketing tips we will highlight below.

Take Into Account The Guests!

This is the number one rule of party planning. The problem is that so many forget it. You have to be sure that you learn all that you can about the guests that will participate, the employees that you throw the party for. It is not difficult to get input about what they would love. Just be transparent. Ask for suggestions. In the event that you want to organize a theme party, ask about the theme that they are interested in. According to

West End Events

, the most common problem in marketing an office party is not planning something that would be appealing in the first place. You can use any strategy out there and still not be successful if the guests will not appreciate what you organize.


Most of the office party invitations are blank in the sense that they do not seem personal. Stuff like “You are cordially invited to”. This basically lets the employee know that the event will be boring. Nobody wants to participate in a boring party. The invitations set the mood. Make sure that you make them appropriate, according to the theme that you choose and that you try to tell some sort of story about what will happen. Give them hints about activities, include venue location and always be sure to personalize them.

Choosing The Best Venue Possible

You need to learn

how to properly choose a party venue

because of the fact that it will have a huge impact on your entire promotion. If the venue is one that is renowned in the city and that is popular among people of the average age group, it will be easier to convince them to attend. If the venue is located out of town and you do not offer free transportation, you can be sure that many will not want to come.

Don’t Charge The Employees

It is a shame to see this happen. Some of the businesses actually make the guests pay for the office party. This is a big mistake in the world of

organizing events

of any kind. Promoting an event in which your employees do not want to participate and forcing them to pay for that is something that will cause huge problems. It is better not to organize anything in the first place.

On the whole, as you can notice, most of the problems associated with promoting an office party are not actually linked to the promotion phase. If you take a look at the tips above, you will be able to make it a lot easier for yourself as people will actually want to attend. 

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