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How to plan and execute a successful SME marketing campaign

Download this free, practical guide to planning and executing a successful marketing campaign that targets small businesses

The UK’s small firms generated a combined £1.8 trillion in revenue in the past year – and as a group of prospects, they’ve been underserved and ignored by B2B businesses for quite some time.

According to research carried out by 

marketing agency Earnest

, 90% of brands struggle to identify and connect with small business owners. Don’t be mistaken; it’s simply not a case of shrinking your enterprise proposition down to a smaller scale. That won’t do the job.

This guide will explain how to get over the hurdle by planning and executing a successful SME campaign, which includes:

  • How to identify and segment your potential prospects.
  • How best to approach and engage these prospects.
  • How language and personalisation can be used to strike the right tone.
  • How to ensure SMEs engage with your message.
  • Campaign case studies from top brands targeting small businesses.

“Clearly, big brands want to sell to small businesses. But they’re struggling. It seems like there’s a disconnect between how small businesses see themselves and how they’re perceived – which probably explains why 90% of brands struggle to connect with them”

Chris Wilson, MD, Earnest

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