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How to stand out at your next exhibition | B2B Marketing

Many businesses strive to stand out at their exhibitions and trade shows – and it is easy to see why these events are so important. Exhibitions and B2C shows are a main marketing priority for many companies, with the ability to spread brand awareness, launch products in a new and exciting way, and of course, speak to consumers face-to-face at a dedicated industry event.

But how do you stand out, with all the other competitors around you? What will make consumers head to your booth, or stop and take note of your services, instead of walking by? Here are a few tips to ensuring your next trade show is a hit:

Book early

By booking your booth position early, you can ensure you get a good spot. It is a good idea to print a floor plan of the exhibition hall and take time to analyse where other exhibitors would be. You may want to look at footfall. Some companies, for example, may aim to be positioned near the entrances and exits to the hall, but of course, these are very popular spots and could be more expensive. You might also consider being near the public restrooms, where more people will be collecting.

All staff must be on board

This handy blog post

talks about the importance of all staff members at your company being on board and on the same page when it comes to the objectives of the exhibition. You need to set targets and have regular meetings so all staff members that will staff the exhibition are giving out the same message. This makes you stand out as a professional, together company. One staff member on your booth looks lonely and sparse – customers will make a snap judgement and customer relations and interaction are therefore very important.

The stand itself

Of course, your stand is your main backdrop – your advert – your brand. Don’t skimp on getting it right!

If you aren’t much of a designer yourself, it is well worth choosing a professional design company to do the work for you. International display advertisers ‘Nimlok’ are experts in

portable displays for exhibitions

. They know how text should look, what images will catch the eye, how to incorporate your brand colours, how to display your products, and so on. Check out their inventory via the link above.

For example, do you know how to arrange your stand to best welcome customers?

As this post suggests

, arranging your furniture takes a lot of thought. You don’t want to overcrowd your booth, you need space to welcome and engage consumers, and you also want space for your products, if you have some. If all this puts your head in a spin, hiring a professional company to do all this for you can be of great help. This can give you more time to focus on things like, sending out mailshots to potential visitors of the event, getting your flyers and brochures in tip-top condition and arranging all the admin around the exhibition event like hotels, travel and so on.

Remember – an exhibition is an important networking event. Exhibiting is a great chance to show off your brand and your services, but also to learn more about your industry. Planning in advance means you can get the best out of the event. Good luck at your next trade fair!

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