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How to use mobile apps for B2B marketing | B2B Marketing

Mobile apps have become the norm in B2C marketing but how can they be used to your advantage in B2B marketing? Hundreds of businesses have now invested in making their own apps to market to other traders and increase their profits. Here’s how:

B2C apps work well as they create a more convenient way for consumers to shop. It’s a similar principle that B2B marketers need to follow. By using an app to make it as easy as possible for other businesses to trade with you should greatly increase trade.

Making an order

If your business produce a particular product or range of products, mobile apps are perfect for easily presenting detailed information and making orders simple. With an app designed in the same way that B2C apps work you can easily retrieve previous order information and history. This means that by having an app you’re making it easier and quicker for other businesses to work with you in turn meaning they choose you again and again, generating huge sales.

How successful?

Huge sales have been made by many companies since they’ve launched their B2B app. Take the gold and silver broker who since the launch of an app have sold 

over $63 million (£41 million) worth

 of gold and silver. These have been traded by orders placed through the apps on smartphones and tablets in the last 12 months. Proving just how successful using apps in B2B marketing can be.


Apps that are designed to be as user friendly as possible are always the most popular. This is where businesses can really use technology to their advantage, for example by adding a scanner where you can 

scan an existing products barcode

 to instantly place another order. Any device which makes placing an order or finding out product or shipping details as simple as possible is sure to go down well with other businesses.

How do I make my app a success?

Creating successful apps for B2B marketing is arguably more challenging than B2C.  The trick is to find out what area your particular industry could improve on. So for example if networking in your field is tricky, creating an app which makes it much easier for other companies to connect with each other (similar to the way 


 works) will instantly increase trading and help save time on commuting to meet other companies.

The money it costs to design and 

develop an app for your business

 is minimal when compared to the huge profits it will generate. Remember to test the app out multiple times for customer experience before launching your app and watch it quickly become the ultimate B2B marketing tool. 

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