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HOW TO: Use social media analysis to understand leads’ impressions of your brand | B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is based around constructive communications with firms who may be willing to use your company or business. Billions of conversations are shared online each day with many marketers able to tap into customer perception, using the data to favourably position their company and products – but what happens when you take a look from the other side of the fence?

Why it’s never been more important to understand online perception

Before meeting with a new business acquaintance many of us will try and gather as much online information about them as possible, through sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, and the same is the case when businesses seek out new businesses they may be interested in working with.

The problem that many companies face is that they are forced to spend a large proportion of their time thinking about how to promote themselves without ever asking, “What do people actually think about our brand?” This result is poorly positioned campaigns which go against the underlying perception of the company and ultimately miss the mark when trying to drive new business.

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