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How to use your app as a mobile marketing tool | B2B Marketing

There are few growth sectors that have experienced the same level of momentum as the mobile application market during the last five years, and this trend is certain to continue for the foreseeable future. This is reflected by the figures, as while global mobile app revenues were estimated at $18.56 billion as recently as 2012, they are expected to more than quadruple to a staggering $76.52 billion by the end of 2017.

While business-owners may be increasingly aware that mobile apps can drive huge revenues in the modern age, however, they may not know that they can also be used as influential, inbound marketing tools. This has become more apparent during the initial rise of App Store Optimisation (ASO), which borrows heavily from SEO and allows brands to enhance the visibility of their application in relation to specific keyword phrases.

How to use your mobile app as a viable marketing tool

So, while the sheer range of applications and advanced ASO tools continues to evolve and enables business-owners to successfully position their branded apps, there is also a unique opportunity for marketers to use these tools to promote messaging and drive traffic to an associated website.

There are several ways in which this can be achieved, including the following examples: –

Lead with your app and develop something of purpose for customers

Before you begin to brand your application and integrate it into an existing digital marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you prioritise the development of the app in question so that it adds genuine value to users. This must start from a unique proposition, which must be clearly defined and focused on a single-minded purpose such as entertainment, education or productivity (depending on any insight that you have garnered concerning the needs of your target audience).

This will provide a natural hook that captures and engages consumers, who are adept enough in 2012 to distinguish between a purely promotional tool and one that delivers outstanding value. From here, you can integrate subtle and consistent branding that reinforces your message, driving the kind of fluid and organic marketing campaign that compels rather than attempting to overpower customers.

Create appropriate and engaging contact for your app

In many respects, an app will capture your mobile brand in microcosm and it must therefore be consistent with your website (both in terms of messaging and content). Content is particularly important on your application, as this should be appropriate for your target demographic while also continuing a singular theme that revolves around informing readers, delivering product listings or providing entertainment.

This content can not only engage users, but it also enables you to provide seamless links between your mobile app and branded websites. Over time, this will transform your application into an organic marketing tool, and one that can drive significant traffic alongside prolific social media interaction.

Choose the right strategy and app store for your offering

While creating relevant content is one thing, it is quite another to leverage this and optimise the potential of your app as a marketing outlet. Ultimately, your efforts will be in vain if you are unable to implement a successful ASO strategy and improve the visibility of your app, so it is crucial that you opt for the right app store to suit your needs.

If you are able to maintain the highest possible density of users and ratings, you will create an optimal position for your application and establish it as a potentially fruitful marketing tool. You can only achieve this by selecting the right app store for the launch of your product (either Apple or Google), so we recommend basing this decision on the habits of your target audience, the nature of your application and the frequency at which you will need to initiate updates.

While you can roll your app out to other stores later in its development, choosing the right outlet from the beginning makes it far easier to initiate a successful ASO campaign. Without this, it is difficult to leverage your application and make the most of its true marketing potential.

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