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How to write a mind-blowing LinkedIn profile | B2B Marketing

Aimed at business professionals, LinkedIn is great for generating business leads. Not to deceive you – full and effective implementation of LinkedIn marketing strategy does require some effort and time. It starts with your profile. This is your marketing piece and it is absolutely crucial to make it rich, visible and credible. A poorly constructed and incomplete profile will not attract much attention and can turn your potential customers away. By following these tips you can stay ahead of the game and grow your business:

#1 Constructing a compelling headline

This 120 character long line is the door to your profile, so make it irresistible! Many people simply put their job title in this field which is a missed opportunity. First of all, you need to use terms that resonate with your target market, as this will improve your SEO and therefore make your profile more visible. Think of Google keywords and you will be on the right lines. Secondly, as my colleague Dionne indicated in 

one of our earlier posts

, clearly explain who you are, what you do, and how you can help. Indicating your level of seniority or academic credentials might help enhance your credibility, but do not limit your headline to a “director”, “owner”, “manager”. If you are an estate agent, for instance, doesn’t “I help people find the home of their dreams” sound a lot more attractive than a mere “Estate Agent”?



Writing a killer summary

This is the part of your profile where you build this initial connection with your prospective client. Captivate them! Every single word must emanate with the 


 and passion for what you do. I know it is easier said than done, but whenever I want to write something more than technically informative, I get back to this amazing 

Simon Sinek’s speech

 for inspiration.

Speaking in the first person give a brief introduction of who you are. Explain 


 you do what you do – is it because you 


 it? Do you have a 


 for it? Is it because you want to challenge the status quo? Think big – don’t merely reflect on your product/service, but instead reflect on your personality and 


 to make the readers believe in what you believe. Then offer your prospects a tasty sample of your expertise. Don’t be tempted to over-promote yourself. Instead, address your prospects, and explain how your products/services can benefit them. Highlight your 

unique selling points

, explain what differentiates you from others in your industry, and why reaching out to you will give them a competitive advantage.

Remember – it’s crucial to use the right keywords in your summary to make your profile appear higher in the LinkedIn search rank. Use them wisely, otherwise your profile will be seen as spam!



Showcasing your work experience

Take your prospect to your trophy cabinet. This section gives you a chance to show the scope and variety of your experience and expertise. Focus on your current role and elaborate on at least two or three relevant past positions to demonstrate your professional versatility. Again, don’t forget to make use of keywords while describing each role to optimize your LinkedIn search rank and to make it easier for your prospects to find you.



Leaving all sections complete

Leaving you LinkedIn profile incomplete is like abandoning a project half way through. It will discredit your attention to detail and the ability to commit. On the contrary, a complete, tidy, and up-to-date profile suggests that your work will be as meticulous and thorough. Furthermore, you would not want to miss more opportunity to shine. The Skills & Expertise section for example gives your clients a glimpse of your potential and is another great opportunity to utilize terms they are likely to use when searching for you. Likewise, the information you give away in other parts, e.g. education, awards, and interests may be exactly something your client is looking for.

Building a 





 profile is crucial if you want LinkedIn to work for you!

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