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How to write an ebook for a B2B audience | B2B Marketing

They’re a central part of B2B content marketing. But how do you write an eBook that gets results?

An ebook can be a powerful content marketing tool. But when you go in depth to talk to an expert audience, the stakes are high. How do you get it right?

Our how-to guide gives you top tips to keep your readers’ interest all the way from introduction to conclusion.

Read our guide to eBooks to learn:

  • Three hallmarks of a great eBook
  • The importance of content that’s valuable to your readers
  • A structure that keeps readers engaged all the way to the end
  • How to bring technical content to life

“With so many companies now producing ebooks, it’s hard to write one that stands out. There are three qualities that I think characterise a great ebook, and only one of them is down to the writing itself.”

Fiona Campbell-Howes, CEO, Radix Communications

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