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How to: Write Creative Job Posts to Attract Top Candidates | B2B Marketing

Writing Creative Job Posts that Attract top Talent

 Are you posting job listings, and failing to get the number of responses you would like? Worse, are you receiving responses from individuals who simply don’t have the level of experience and talent you need for your key holder positions? The problem may be that you simply aren’t writing Posts that are attracting high-level, in demand talent. It takes more than a brief job description and contact information to interest talent that is creative and skilled. You will need to approach this from a marketing pov, not as a manager or HR person. You will need to think creatively.

Make a Video

Many job sites don’t limit you to text based job postings anymore. So, why not shoot a short recruitment video that your potential hires can watch. You can use a video to simply introduce the job, describe the details of the position, outline the requirements, and then provide contact information. This may not be super creative, but it does provide some visual appeal and a bit of a human connection. If you’re feeling a bit more creative and are confident behind the camera, you can shoot a recruiting video that demonstrates daily life at your company. Shooting a video interview of a current employee who works in the department where you are looking to fill a position is another compelling option. A final note, keep production values as high as possible. In fact, it might be a good idea to invest in the services of a good videographer.

Create an Infographic

 An infographic combines both text and pictures to communicate something to those who view it. Many companies are using infographics for advertising; why not use them as a creative and visually appealing recruiting tool?

After all, someone looking for a job might scroll through hundreds of job postings each day, and only give some of them a second look. It’s doubtful, however that they would scroll past an infographic. Even better, an infographic is three times more likely to be

shared on social media


Just be aware that an infographic job posting should be easy to understand. Infographics are also likely to receive the best responses when they are used to recruit people for creative positions such as art and design. If graphic design is not your forte, you can use one of the many tools available to create your job posting infographic. 

Get Creative with Titles

An eye-catching title is a great way to get job seekers to click on your posting and learn more about the position you are offering. Are you worried that your creative muscles aren’t developed enough to make this happen? Give these

creativity boosting tips

a try and you’ll be writing catchy post titles in no time! If you think the titles of your job postings aren’t very important, here are some points to ponder:

 When you are at a restaurant you are going to be drawn to dishes with interesting names (titles)

  • If you are on a news or entertainment website, you are more likely to click on the article with an interesting title
  • You’re even more likely to purchase a book or magazine that have titles that are interesting

Remember that creative titles use trigger words, adjectives, and numbers to grab attention. Just think about what catches your eye, and try to adapt that to your job advertisement.

Get Creative with Titles

Yes, you did read that twice. This time the subject is job titles. Why use the same boring job titles that potential recruits have seen hundreds of times as they search for a job. Many companies have had great success twisting job titles in their postings to include humor and a bit of reality. Here are a few examples of creative job titles and the more traditional titles they replace:


  • First Impression Specialist – Receptionist
  • Cast Member – Disney Park Staff Member
  • Director of Ethical Hacking – Computer Security Analyst
  • Project Meanie – Project Manager
  • Retail Therapist – Retail Sales Person

 These creative job titles are a great way to appeal to people who have a sense of creativity and will appreciate a bit of humor in the work day.

Offer Job Seekers a Challenge

Creative and talented people love the chance to prove their smarts. Providing job seekers with a fun challenge is a great way to get the best and brightest interested in your position. For example, if you are advertising for an editorial position, you can challenge applicants to correct the spelling and grammar mistakes in your post before replying to your ad. If you are seeking applicants for an engineering position, you can provide a formula that, when solved, reveals your contact phone number.


creative challenges


  • A picture based job listing
  • Using word play
  • Hidden Messages

Use Creative Ad Placement

 Remember, a job posting is an advertisement. Retail advertisers have been using billboards, buses, the sides of buildings, magazines, even bathroom stalls. Don’t limit yourself to job boards when you have so many opportunities and locations to grab the attention of potential job seekers.

Be Smart

Job postings must be truthful and informative. No matter how you convey the information to people, each advertisement must contain a description of the job, the qualifications for that job, and a means for those who are interested to contact you. Creativity is wonderful, just be sure that your efforts to be creative don’t interfere with your ability to communicate effectively.


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