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Humanized Marketing: Digital Discord and the Case for Recalibrating the B2B Mix | B2B Marketing

Being present and accounted for digitally in B2B is paramount. But it can’t be your only answer.

Digital advertising. Data analysis. Digital customer experience. Contextual marketing. There is no shortage of discussion about on-screen advertising formats.

The promise of providing marketers the abilities to target specific audiences and measure effectiveness is attractive to executives who must justify marketing spend.

But are we taking digital too far? It may be time to re-examine our relationships with customers and prospects — not only what we understand about them from a data perspective, but what we know about them from a human perspective.

This new guide will show you:

  • The scientific and business cases for human connections in B2B marketing
  • How to create a better balance between digital and human interactions in your marketing efforts
  • Important reminders about customer focus and authenticity in your customer interactions


The idea of leveraging human interaction in combination with digital is still the best business play

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