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Importance of Brand Continuity | B2B Marketing

For marketing teams and businesses, brand continuity is one of the top ways to ensure continued profitability and success. However, many business owners do not know what brand continuity is–or why it’s so important. Below, you will learn what continuity can do for your business, and how to achieve and maintain it.

Brand Continuity: Using a Consistent Approach

For an organization to have brand continuity, it must use a consistent approach throughout all of its marketing efforts. It’s equally important for those working within one store, and for those who work for a company with many locations. A unified branding approach is about ensuring that a brand’s styling, colors, images, typeface and more are the same on all printed and online materials, and it’s also about ensuring that the messages given to customers are consistent.

Why Brand Continuity is Important

Brand continuity is essential for success because it helps businesses reinforce their image. The more often customers see the same message or image, the more likely they’ll retain it. Unified branding is important for chain businesses, such as retail outlets, grocery stores, and banks. The main idea behind brand continuity is that a customer should get the same approach and experience from any chain branch they visit, regardless of where that may be. Brand continuity ensures that your business gains the market visibility, reliable image and competitive edge it needs.

For example–imagine if a particular business did not take a coordinated approach to its marketing efforts, and changed its logo colors regularly. Or, if one of its staff members decided to change the branding message to suit their own tastes. Customers would be confused by the mixed messages, and mistrust would begin to grow. An inconsistent brand makes it difficult to build a strong reputation, and it’s little wonder why marketing departments spend a great portion of their budget ensuring the coordination and consistency of their brand.

How to Maintain the Continuity of a Brand

If your company’s workers are not acquainted with the various elements of a marketing and branding campaign, brand continuity will be non-existent. This information should be shared with all of your workers and staff members; workers should familiarize themselves with your company’s style sheets (colors, fonts, wording, message, etc.), and any changes should be known to all. When staff members are aware of the company’s branding strategy, it is more likely they will communicate your message in a unified way.

In the same vein, your company needs to know itself and its message and this fact should be made clear at the highest levels of management. If those in charge do not know their identity, message or branding strategy, then their workers will not know it, either. Companies that make customers feel like they can go into any location and receive the same message; experience and branding are very successful at brand continuity. For instance, retailers such as banks, retail stores and Starbucks are mostly the same, no matter which location is visited.

No matter which way you look at it brand continuity is important for businesses – no matter what size.

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