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Inflowing launches WordPress plugin to help SMEs with ABM | B2B Marketing

A WordPress plugin to assist SME’s with ABM has been launched by Inflowing.

The plugin, known at ‘ABM for WP’, enables SMEs to personalise content for individual companies that visit their WordPress website.

The software will assist those implementing account-based marketing at scale by recognising individual visitors and their business, prompting relevant content to appear.

Users of the plugin will also be able to employ a simple personalisation builder on each page, which will allow them to instruct bespoke text, images and hyperlinks targeted at individuals or groups of businesses. 

Daley Robinson, MD at Inflowing, said: “Until now, running ABM campaigns at scale has been the domain of huge enterprise businesses. SMEs have limited resources at their disposal, which means to make headway they get really close to their markets and customers.

“For decades, websites have been living in a world of generic text that tries to speak to the masses, while never quite hitting the specific buying buttons of individual companies. With this software, you can give B2B visitors to your website a bespoke experience without ever compromising.”

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