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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Create Insightful and Actionable, Buyer Personas | B2B Marketing

Big data and deep insights are key characteristics that separate superior marketing organizations from the rest, according to a

recent study

cited in Harvard Business Review. But knowing what buyers are doing where and when isn’t enough.

“High performers in our study are distinguished by their ability to integrate data on WHAT consumers are doing with knowledge of WHY they’re doing it, which yields new insights into consumers’ needs and how to best meet them.” – Harvard Business Review  

From a marketing and sales enablement perspective, knowing “

the why

” enables you to create more powerful, customer-focused content. This is precisely where interview-based, buyer personas come into play.

Buyer personas built on insights captured through direct conversations with real buyers of the decision you’re looking to influence can help you to create more relevant and persuasive content that truly resonates with buyers.



below compares the three popular methods of creating buyer personas and explains why interviewing buyers is the best method for capturing the deep, new insights you need. 

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