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Introducing The B2B Martech Awards – now’s the time to register! | B2B Marketing

This new awards programme will reward success and celebrate the increasingly critical contribution made by martech to excellence in B2B marketing  

We’re proud to announce a new initiative for 2019 – the

B2B Martech Awards

. The aim of the programme is pretty simple: to recognise and reward all the excellent, difficult, critical and often ground-breaking work that’s going on by marketing technologists to enable successful B2B marketing in the 21st century.

The key point here is that all of the activities involved, the protagonists responsible, their priorities and arguably the entire martech eco-system is distinct from that served by most other marketing awards programmes. These are still generally focused on marketing campaigns and initiatives which are more short-term in nature – as you may know we already have a programme like this of our own, and it does a great job of reflecting these activities and recognising those involved. But it doesn’t sufficiently service the rapidly growing and increasingly important martech world – to do that adequately would require much more than slapping a few extra categories on the end of an existing programme.

So the B2B Martech Awards incorporates a range of new categories, focusing on and open to all the different players in the martech world: the vendors who are building and developing the platforms; consultants or integrators who are deploying them and making them work; the inhouse marketing technologists, marketing operations people and teams who are actually using them in anger; as well as those agencies who have really understood and redefined themselves as martech experts, as well as or instead of creatives. We’re excited about promoting and celebrating the success that they are having in building the future of B2B marketing.

Aligning with Get Stacked! to make a day dedicated to martech

We’ll be announcing the winners and presenting trophies at a ceremony held in London on March 21st, taking place at the end of our inaugural

Get Stacked

 B2B marketing technology conference. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s a day packed with insights on how marketers can select and deploy martech more effectively. We think this alignment of conference and awards programme creates a strong, integrated proposition, and more importantly better opportunities for learning, networking and a better platform to celebrate success.

Interested? Would you like to know more about the categories and how to enter? If you would, you need to

register by December 21st here

, and we’ll send you an Awards Pack, which should hopefully answer your questions and set you on the road to awards success.

If you’re a marketing technologist, or marketing operations person, and would be interested in getting involved in the judging,

please email me


If the B2B Martech Awards is of interest to you or not, we look forward to sharing the news of the winners in March, and in turn increasing understanding of what success looks like in B2B martech.

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