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Is Telemarketing Dead? | B2B Marketing

Is Telemarketing Dead

Marketing is an ever-evolving discipline. What seemed to be a brilliant idea for lead generation yesterday may not be a good idea today. So how do you deal with that? You change your ideas, you evolve. You make the necessary adjustments to

 improve your efficiency in getting sales leads

. But even if you are shaking things up in your marketing and sales department, that does not mean you have to give up on what has been tried and tested, which puts our discussion squarely on telemarketing.

Really, is telemarketing a dead medium? I doubt it.

For me, telemarketers are still needed in the overall sales process. The only difference here is where they enter the picture. Before, appointment setting representatives call up prospects to set a meeting up. Not anymore. With the introduction of social media and email marketing, telemarketing gets a little pushed back at a later stage. But that by no means reduces the importance of telemarketers. After all, with the proliferation of online video calls and chat, a phone call might be the closest marketer can get to their B2B leads prospects. Besides, negotiations are easier done when on the phone than through a computer.


 is not dead. It only evolved.

You still need to talk to people, that is the truth. And in case you are not the talkative type, outsourcing it to professional lead generation services will also do. At least you get more time to concentrate more on your core functions in business.

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